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hedp 4na  is the tetrasodium salt form of HEDP (1-hydroxyethyl diphosphate), which is an organic phosphate compound with good chelating ability and dispersibility. hedp 4na has various uses in industry, especially in fields such as water treatment, metal processing, petrochemicals, and clean products. The following are some of the main functions and uses of HEDP4 sodium:

  • Water treatment agent: hedp 4na is used as a chelating agent in the water treatment industry, which can form stable chelates with metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. in water, thereby preventing these metal ions from forming precipitates or scaling. This

  • characteristic makes it particularly important in boiler water treatment, cooling water systems, and reverse osmosis systems.

  • Corrosion inhibitor: hedp 4na can be used as a corrosion inhibitor to reduce the corrosion of metal equipment by chelating metal ions. In the cooling water circulation system, it can extend the service life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Metal cleaning agent: In the metal processing industry, HEDP4 sodium can be used as a part of the metal cleaning agent to help remove oxides and dirt on the metal surface and improve cleaning efficiency.

  • Petrochemical industry: In the field of petrochemicals, HEDP4 sodium can be used to regulate and control the performance of drilling fluids, improving drilling efficiency. Meanwhile, it can also serve as a corrosion inhibitor and cleaning agent in the refining process.

  • Cleaning products: HEDP4 sodium is used as an additive in cleaning products, which can enhance the cleaning ability of the product, especially for removing scale and metal stains. It has a good effect.

  • Agriculture: In the field of agriculture, hedp 4na can be used as an additive for trace element fertilizers, helping plants better absorb minerals from the soil.
    Laboratory reagent: In the laboratory, HEDP4 sodium can be used as an analytical reagent for the determination and separation of metal ions.

Environmental applications: HEDP4 sodium can also be used to treat wastewater containing heavy metal ions, reducing their pollution to the environment by chelating these harmful metal ions.
It should be noted that although HEDP4 sodium has various beneficial applications, its usage should also be reasonably controlled to avoid potential environmental impacts. During use, it is also necessary to comply with relevant safety regulations and environmental regulations.